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How to apply for free demat account

STEP 1 :
to open a demat account you must have following documents :

  •  a pan card 
  • adhar card 
  •  bank account details  ( for which you will be needed a bank account)
  • passport size photo
  • your signature 's pic ( on white blank paper)

STEP 2 : 
after arranging required documents click on the link given below..

you will be directed to this page..

  • enter your valid active email id because you re going to recieve all your documents and invoices in that email id .
  • give mobile number which is linked with your bank account. so that later on you dont find any difficulty later on with respect to adding and withdrawing fund.
  • click on send OTP button..
  • after varifying your email and mobile number you can wait for our sales exicutives to contact you for documents or you can upload your documents on your own.


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