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○ What is a Demat  Account ?

for every investment you make you expect some kind of proof . like when you buy property you get papers of that property , which shows you are the legal owner of that property .when you are investing or trading in share you must have some proof that you own such shares or securities..paper wprk was risky there was risk because of paper work done by intermediaries. In order to keep the entire experience easy and streamlined and to avoid risk , a bank like account is there which is called a demat account .demat account is used to hold shares and securities in dematerialised or in electronic form. shares are converted from physical form to electronic form so as to increase their accessibility.that means now investor can buy or sell shares on their own by their demat account.
With every Demat Account , Demat Account number is there to settle trades electronically. Demat Account allows you to buy shares and store them safely. just as in bank account in which you hold deposits with the bank and the record of debit/credit balances are maintained in a bank passbook. In the same way, when you purchase or sell shares, it will be credited or debited to/from your Demat Account respectively. not just shares but a variety of investments like equity shares, exchange traded funds, mutual funds, bonds, and government securities. opening Demat Account is free however you have to pay a nominal brokerage , only if you trade and you can maintain a zero balance in your account. 

☆how to get a demat account

☆ charges which you have to pay while buying and selling share in stock market